Monday, September 10, 2012

Día de tus Sueños Sweepstakes

What’s Going On? In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Verizon Wireless is hosting an exciting sweepstakes to win a day with celebrities that inspire Latinos to keep thinking BIG and keep working towards careers that fulfill their dreams.

-Do you have a need for speed, how about a date with Helio Castroneves?
-Are you a novelera, how about a girl's day with Gaby Espino?
-If food is your language, how about sharing some food with Ingrid Hoffman?

From NOW until October 15, enter to win the Día de tus Sueños Sweepstakes at  and you might get a dream-come-true experience! Adding to the excitement, is can be a little easier to get closer to your goals with the additional cash prize of $1,000 and a Verizon Wireless 4G Tablet to help record your thoughts and plans through a video diary. Are you following your dream?

Growing up, I was a big dreamer.  My mom would tell me stories of how her immigrating here was for me to fulfill all my dreams.  I know what you are asking, "Am I living the dream?"  Well not my dream but someone else's.  I went from wanting to be a doctor and curing Asthma to wanting to be a teacher like the ones who taught me.  Ended up I became a Controller (Accounting Manager), and I have "the" corner office that I grew up hearing about.  The one that I never thought I would have.  This wasn't my dream but some how I landed here.  Latinos need to DREAM and DREAM big.  Do not let anyone ever tell you that job is not for you.  My mother immigrated here to give me all that she did not have.  She has worked very hard to provide me with all the tools that I would need to be successful.  Here I am today, living the DREAM.  But like I said not my dream, but I love my life and the opportunities I have had.  If I could be granted a Dia de tus Suenos dream, I would like to hangout with Jennifer Lopez.  Why you ask?  I grew up loving dance.  Jennifer was a back up dancer who decided not to stay in the back all her life.  She has ventured from dance, to music, to acting, and producing.  So I would love to hangout with her, learn some choreography and some moves from her, and just plain sing background karaoke with her. Are you living your dream?  Did you land on your dream job?  Let Verizon grant you this wish, it's not too late.  Keep on DREAMING! 

 Go to and take a step closer to your dream.  Check complete rules including eligible zip codes.  Prize package includes bringing a friend for the experience - join now!  

***Disclosure-Sponsored post.  All opinions are my own honest opinions.


Groovy Mamma said...

It's never too late to dream chica. God wants you to keep dreaming and dream BIG! He still wants to make your dreams come true. :)

Independentmami said...

Thanks!! I am always gonna keep dreaming and JLO hook me up!!

Unknown said...

Gracias por comparti con tus lectoras los sorteos y concurso que hacen en el facebook.