Friday, April 29, 2011

U by Kotex, tween

Do you have a tween? Have you had the talk with your tween?

I am going to take to you back to me and my moment. I am hispanic as you already know. My mom always working, sometimes 2 to 3 jobs. My mother was raised by her older sister, and married very young. Back then innocent times, naive moments, but that is how she grew up and passed it along to me. My mother never talk to me about my body and its changes. I, like most girls, like to go to the restroom in groups. This day was no different. My tween friends and I headed to the restroom. I am using the restroom and guess what little friend visited me for the first time. I thought I was dying. I was screaming my lungs out. My friends did not know what was going on with me. All I could do was sit there and scream. I was so scared, and then of course embarrased. My mom finally had that talk with me, kinda late.

Research shows that four out of five moms feel only somewhat or not at all prepared to talk to their daughter about her changing body and one in three young girls have no idea what’s happening when they get their first period. Talking to tween girls about growing up – from her body to boys— is never easy, but is especially important now due to an earlier onset of puberty than previous years.
To help make talking about some of these tougher topics easier, U by Kotex has created an arsenal of tools and tips, available at, that will help empower moms to proactively talk to their tween daughters, while reducing the stress and anxiety around the conversation. U by Kotex has also created a new line of products -- U by Kotex Tween -- designed especially for tweens between the ages of 8 – 12, as well as created a place online where girls can exchange stories with other girls, learn more about periods and puberty through articles and engaging activities, as well as ask questions, at

My thoughts-The packaging is so tween friendly. It is "cool" packaging. Girly girls do not have to be embarrased to pick these up. The pads are designed smaller to fit smaller sizes, perfect for tweens. Each package has reassuring messages, tween-friendly myths and facts, and an informational booklet inside.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received. Packages were sent to me to review. I have passed them along to tweens who loved them. These are my honest thoughts, you may have a different opinion.

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