Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hispanicize-Thanks Buick and OnStar

Do you remember the first car you bought? I do, it was a Metallic Blue Chevy Blazer. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had gotten into a car accident in my used, previously own car I was driving, not a Chevy. The brakes went out. They locked up on me. It was a drizzly day. I had just gotten out of work, and was trying to get on the highway. I hit the brakes, and nothing. I hit the hand brake and nothing. Next thing you know, the entire front end of my little, bitty car was under a big farm truck's bed. No one was injured, except that my car was a gonner. The next day, we headed to the dealer and I walked off the lot with my 1st new truck. I was so scared to get into a car after the accident and the truck just seem like the right fit. I did not know what I was going to purchase when I got to the lot but I knew it was going to be a Chevy. After walking around the lot, my son and I made the decision to get our truck. And yes, my son helped me decide what vehicle we would be buying. I live in Texas and I am a Chevy Girl.
Do you know how much we love our Chevy cars? Meet Chevy Rolet Garza. This is our dog. When we were thinking of names, we could not agree on a name. Until my son said he wanted to name our dog, Chevy Rolet like our truck. First name Chevy. Middle name Rolet. My son was 8 yrs old when we got him, and he thought Chevrolet, one word, was actually 2, Chevy Rolet. And after we laughed, and laughed, we all decided that was the perfect name.
In 2009, after putting so many miles into my truck driving from Texas to Florida, and everywhere in between, my husband and I decided I needed a new truck. We looked and looked. I could not see over the dashboards. There was just nothing I really liked, so we almost bought me another Chevy Blazer when my husband found a truck online for me. The GMC Terrain had just come out and was only available at some dealers. We went the same day to see it and drove off in my brand new 2010 GMC Terrain. By the way my GMC Terrain's name is T-Rex. My T-Rex and I go everywhere together. One of the features I love in my truck is the OnStar. You never know what could happen and just knowing I have OnStar gives me confidence that they will unlock my car or call EMS if ever needed. Like the time my mom was T-boned by a car and was left unconcious at the scene of the accident. Or the time a friend of ours accidently lock the car behind her, while her son was sitting in the car seat.
So now that you know that our family loves GMC, Chevy, and Onstar let me tell you of my experience...

Buick came to Hispanicize and allowed us to check out some of their vehicles. I love the experience because I was able to check out the goods of the vehicles before purchasing. Funny thing, my husband and I are currently shopping for a new vehicle since he doesn't want to put more miles on his cherished Chevy Impala which he thinks is a classic. We are looking for an everyday car, and one I can also drive if needed. Again, I must be able to see over the dashboard. If you know me, I have short legs and drive with my seat all the way up. I think I found our next purchase...which by the way if you did not know Buick is part of the GM family. I really liked the Buick Regal and it was in my favorite color, Blue! And the best thing of all, no pushy salesman trying to make his quota for the day or to sell me anything.

I wanted to Thank Buick and Onstar for providing transportation in their vehicles to one of our events. Check out the cars lined up waiting for us...
Do you see the Blue Chevrolet Silverado truck? Out of pure coincidence, this is the truck that drove us to our event. The driver hit the OnStar button. The operator greeted him. He told him where we were going, and OnStar sent the directions to the truck. I, having never driven in Los Angeles, could have not gotten lost with these directions. I was cold so the driver showed me, the dual air control system where I was able to control the temperature on my side. On the way back we rode in the Buick Regal. It was a very comfortable ride.

Disclosure-No compensation was received. This is a post about my honest experiences. Again a special Thank you to our drivers, Buick, OnStar, the wonderful ladies who greeted us and talk to us about the Buick vehicles, and to GM for making great cars!

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