Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purex Complete Crystals Softener

When my husband and I first were dating he would comment on how good my slothes smelled. I told him it was because I add softners to my laundry. After we got married and life got complicated and busy, he mentioned the laundry not smelling the same. When I told him to wash the clothes, he said no because I add a step that makes all the clothes smell good. Adding softner to all my loads is a chore to me. Why? because you have to listen to the cycle. I always forget I am doing laundry and forget to add softner. But I have been introduced to a new product-
Purex Complete Crystals Softener
It is easy to use. I added add the beginning at the start of the wash cycle. I do not have to worry I will stain the clothes when I pour the liquid in because these are crystals. It has not stained, worn out, or discolored any of my clothes. And I do not have to wait for the rinse cycle, which I would always forget as I am multi-tasking while doing laundry.
It comes in 3 different scents, Fresh Spring Waters, Lavender Blossom, and Tropical Splash.
The fragrance lasts for weeks. Ask my husband, he will tell you.

I received this product to review. These are my honest opinions. This product has been Independentmami tested and Independentmami approved. You may have different results or like a product better, it is always recommened you try a product first.

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