Friday, April 29, 2011

Febreze-New Zealand Springs review

Febreze has a new exotic scent, New Zealand Springs.
The new scent is the most recent addition to the Febreze Destinations Collection, which already includes Brazilian Carnaval, Hawaiian Aloha and Thai Dragon Fruit. New Zealand Springs was inspired by the country's south island. New Zealand Springs is available in Febreze Air Effects, Candles and NOTICEables.

My thoughts-I like Febreze products. They are very good for ordor control. I like the new scent. It is very fresh and different than any other scent I have smelled. The smell is long lasting in whatever room I sprayed. It did give me a little get-a-way every time I sprayed. I used it this week to get a rotten banana, forgotten in our Easter picnic basket, smell out of the kitchen.

***Disclosure-I received this product to review. No compensation was received. This product has been Independentmami tested and Independentmami approved. Your nose may like different scents, but according to mine, these are my honest opinions.

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