Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tasty Thursday-Chilis

This week my husband and I were not able to go to lunch, instead we are doing dinner for our Tasty Thursday and the munchkin is coming along too. So I am trying to keep the dinner under $50. And yes, I am giving Chilis a second chance. For those that do not know, or remember, a couple of months ago I posted about having a really bad experience at Chilis and no longer wanting to eat there. Well here's the problem, my family loves Chilis. So we decided to give Chilis another try, and this time, we went to a different location-Pearland.

Let me give you some information you may not know, check out this picture...
Chilis has happy hour specials in the bar area. Ok, so maybe you do not want to grab a drink but you have to take advantage of the prices. All the appetizers listed in the picture are full size but half the price, just for sitting in the bar area. The sign at the door as we walked in said, HAPPY HOUR-ALL DAY-MONDAY-THURSDAY. And the Chips and Salsa are free too!

And currently, Chilis is running this special...
$20 DINNER FOR TWO - SHARE AN APPETIZER and TWO FULL-SIZE ENTREES. No substitutions. Price does not include beverage or tax. (Offer valid only at participating US locations.)

So the plan was to keep the meal under $50. So we sat in the bar area. By the way City of Pearland, has not passed the No Smoking Ordinance, so people were smoking but it didnt really bother me becuase they left right when we got there. We were greeted right away by the lovely Ms. Amanda. Our order came out right, and right away. We ordered so much food that there was no room on our table. 3 servers actually came out with all our food. It was great to receive this kind of service after having such poor service from other Chilis. The food was mmmmm, great! We had to take some home. Below you will see a copy of our receipt for 3 people with a $6.00 tip included was a total of $44.48.
I wish all Chilis employees were as friendly as Amanda because our experience was awesome. Guess what, we will be returning to THIS Chilis.

***Disclosure-I did receive gift certificates from Chilis for the bad experience I had previously had at another Chilis. I also used a MyPoints gift card during this transaction. No compensation was received for this or any other Tasty Thursday posts. My mission is to be able to find places in my surrounding areas, where my family can eat for under $20 for lunch. Since this was dinner, I bumped the total to $50. And as always these are my honest opinions about my experiences.

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