Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mr Wrong & Mrs Right-Marriage

Last week I received a message forward from my husband for a newsletter he receives from All Pro Dad

In the newsletter, it listed the Top 10 Things You and Your wife fight about. Here I have listed them...
1) Money
2) Family communication
3) Children
4) Intimacy
5) Time
6) Priorities
7) Jealousy
8) Religion
9) Politics
10) The Past

Do you agree with this list? In some ways I do and then I don't. I think both wife and husband need to be on the same page.
1) Money-My husband and I have separate accounts and that works for us. I work. He works. I pay some bills, he pays others. When we got out, funny as it may be, we play rock, paper, scissor for the bill. This works for us.
2) Communication-OMG. This one, I must agree with. Because I am always right, and he is always right. Both wife and husband must know what each other is feeling, thinking, planning, etc. I am a planner, and my husband is not. I have a schedule and he never does. But communication can keep us at peace.
3) Children-I was so lucky to find a wonderful guy after being a single mother for so long. And it does take some getting use to when it comes to parenting, when it has always been only one person making decisions. But I really enjoying giving up some of the responsibilities, and asking him for help.
4) Intimacy-Every couple needs to make time for this. It helps them remember the love. The reason they got together and got married. Just this morning I heard on the radio, everyone loves to be cuddled, and held. I know I sure do!!
5) Time-Yeah, this one is a biggie. With our schedules always conflicting we don't even have time to argue about not spending time together. Time is a gift, some of us take it for granted. Enjoy the time you have with one another. Shut out the world and stay in.
6) Priorities-I have always been very goal oriented. And now I married a Marine/Police Officer. I think our priority is always to be great parents, great partners, and then everything else just falls in place.
7) Jealousy-Guilty as charged. But have you looked at my husband, it is just a compliment!!! Sorry honey, this is what you get for being FINE!!
8) Religion-A family that worships together, stays together.
9) Politics-Yeah, right! This is NOT a problem.
10) The Past-The past is just that- the past. We have to learn to let it go! We are in the present. Let's look forward to the future.

My husband and I have a great understanding for one another. I always joke and say-Always agree to disagree. It's a Love Hate Relationship. You are not always going to get everything your way. You are not always going to like what they say. But in the end like my husband says, "Is this really what you want to fight about?" Pick your battles. Is it really worth it? A friend once told me, "Be glad you have someone to argue with, some of us don't!"

On my Facebook page, I asked-Hey married people, what are your pet peeves? Researching a topic and I want your opinion??? One of my OCD issues is that everything has a home.

Jeanene Woodruff Yup! LOL That's Mine, Too!!!!! And My Hubby Just Doesn't Get It! Lol ;)

Julio Landaverde hairy combs lol

Lauren Coto OMG...mines is the toilet paper roll when he takes it off the holder I flip!!

Patty Jaime Mine is not locking the damn doors on the car..and having loose money in your damn purse and then sayin and cryin that you lost money..

Kerrie A. Erebia I say the same EXACT thing! I am bad about that! Hehe!

Marilu Campos leaving the signal light on after you already turned.... Asking questions when watching a program like I have all the answers.... Lol
Melissa Ann Rodriguez-Sifuentes folding the towels wrong ....i thank him and smile as i re-fold.

Iza Carabes When he leave's the cereal bag and box open, I just cringe. Like I really enjoy stale cereal.

Shona Botes Well, this side...I also believe that everything has a home, and it drives me insane to run and pick things up and keep putting them in their homes. But thankfully hubby and I are working together on the matter. He has improved a lot in the almost 9 months that we have been married.

Shona Botes Also...when we know we have to be somewhere at a certain time, and he dawdles along and I have to keep nagging him to get going...

Lupe Erebia How about when they bitch about everything

Elizabeth Sustaita Uhhh, where do I start??? How about waking up in the middle of the night to tinkle....feeling my booty wet cause hubby forgot to put the "TOILET SEAT DOWN!!!"

Jennifer Williams Why can't he just throw his freaking splenda packets in the garbage?!

Christy Orellana He thinks it's cute and ok to interrupt me while telling a story and start telling the story himself! Me: "Really babe? I just said that!!"

These may or may not be yours, but this list just shows- we are not alone. Every relationship has things(quirks), and you just keep going, til death do us part!!

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