Friday, April 22, 2011

Tasty Thursday-Kim Son

Hello and welcome to another edition of Tasty Thursday. This Thursday is another dinner edition. Remember our goal for dinner is to stay under $50.00 for the entire meal for 3 people including tip. My husband picked this week, Kim Son. It is one of my favorite restaurants. They have 3 locations all over Houston-Southwest Freeway, Jefferson St, and Bellaire.

"Mama La" is the secret ingredient behind the Kim Son Restaurants. Born in Vietnam, Kim Su Tran La, her husband, and their seven children arrived in Houston in 1980 after fleeing from Communist rule in their homeland. Armed with only her extensive knowledge of Vietnamese cooking - she had memorized more than 250 recipes from her mother-in-law - with her family support, she opened the second restaurant in Houston's China Town in 1982 (The original Kim Son was located in Vinh Long and closed with the Communist takeover.)

Our dinner experience-
As we were walking in, I noticed the dinner specials. The 2 dishes looked yummy and had great portions.

Check out the specials, all $9.95
Now check out our dishes we ordered-
Grilled Chicken Spring Rolls (2)
Chicken Lettuce Wrap-
Chopped chicken breast, water chestnuts, carrot, mushroom, stir fried in special sauce.
Pho Beef
Pho Tai Nam (beef broth). I love these soups.
This is my son's kid's plate-Chicken, rice, veggies
My husband went with one of the specials. You pick two combinations, and all plates come with rice, and veggies. This plate was huge. He was very full afterwards.
Total for all items was $44.10, including a $6.00 tip. We made our goal and stayed under $50.00. We have 1 full to-go box with the lettuce wraps. And 1 container of the Pho-soup. We are all full. Again, we did go a little crazy and could have left of a dish or two. Their plates are family style so you can always share. And on a side note-Kevin, our waiter was very nice, polite, and was very attentive.

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