Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tasty Thursday-Mission Burrito

Today's Tasty Thursday takes us to Mission Burrito. Mission Burrito has a several locations, like West Alabama and I-10 and Durham. We arrived early but by the time we were leaving the lunch crowd had attacked this place. It was full of people coming in to eat.

What I like about the burrito is that you can have whatever you like, you choose. The ingredients are right in front of you and you make the choice. You can also pick from the menu but why not build your own. And if you are watching what you eat, you do not even have to have a tortilla. You can have it in a bowl.

I built my own chicken bowl. I started out with the Cilantro Rice. I added black beans. I threw some corn, lettuce, pico de gallo, jalapenos, cucumber ranch sauce, and top it with some guacamole.

My hubby liked the entire concept of building your own. He does not like certain ingredients and is always asking what is in items before making a selection. This burrito filled him up.

The meal was great. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather in their patio area. We both got full. We ordered some chips, salsa and 2 drinks. Our total $19.70. Great meal under $20.00. Check out this special they currently have...

***Disclosure-I am not receiving compensation for any of my Tasty Thursday posts. These are local dine in places we are choosing to eat at. I am trying to bring you a selection of restaurants available in Houston for under $20.00 per couple.

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