Monday, March 21, 2011

MommyParties™ - Nutella®

Thanks to MommyParties™ for asking me to host a party with 10 of my friends. I was so excited to get my package of goodies to share.

26.5oz Jar of Nutella® hazelnut spread for use during your party

(10) Nutella® spread sample packs and coupons for guests bags

(10) Nutella® spread guest bags

(10) Nutella® spread tumbler mugs

(10) Nutella® spread spreader

(10) Nutella® spread tip cards for guests

Recipe ideas for your Nutella® Breakfast Bar

Party activities:

Everyday Breakfast Tips and Trivia

So as soon as I heard I would be hosting a party, I started planning my party. The first person I told was my son. He loves Nutella. I remember the first time he tried Nutella. He went to a French camp last summer for a week. He learned alot of things and tried new foods. Nutella was one of the new things he learned about. He camp home begging me to buy some. I had never seen this boy be so excited about some food. I have been a fan as well, ever since. So he was as excited as I was to know that we would be hosting a party and the goodies we would be receiving.
With everything prepared for our party, guest were invited to join us for some breakfast. Breakfast was a fun get-2-gether talking about recipes and enjoying some Nutella. Guest learn that Nutella is a hazelnut spread. Nutella has no artificial colors or preservatives. I love the the kiddos love it. I love it myself.
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