Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Log Cabin-Survey Says

Did you know February was National Hot Breakfast month and March is National Nutrition month? In honor of the most important meal of the day, Log Cabin conducted a survey looking into how the modern family enjoys breakfast. Here are the results:

Breakfast a la Mom

·Don’t tell Paula Deen, but she came in third… Mom may not have a show on the Food Network, but she runs the show at her own house. Outranking Rachel Ray (22%) and Paula Deen (15%), Mom is the top pick for America’s favorite breakfast chef with 42 percent preferring that she make the first meal of the day at their houses.

Please Pass the Conversation

·Talking with your mouth full: A delightful surprise! Modern families continue to make conversation over their morning meal. Eighty-eight percent of Americans talk to each other over breakfast, outnumbering those who watch TV (63%) or read a newspaper or magazine (51%) or use an iPad/mobile device (35%).

·Logging on when chowing down: It’s no surprise that the younger crowd checks in online in the morning more than their elders. 47 percent of Americans ages 18-34 use an iPad, check email, send texts or talk on the phone during breakfast, twice as many as those ages 55-64 (23 percent).

You are What You Eat

·More than half of those polled stated they make a conscious effort to choose breakfast options they feel good about for themselves and their families (56 percent), with nearly half (49 percent) stating they are trying to remove high fructose corn syrup from their family's diet.

Keeping Breakfast Warm in the Winter

·On a cold winter’s day, two thirds of Americans enjoy their breakfasts with syrup, whether it’s warm cereal and oatmeal or pancakes and waffles.

·Brrrr! Why be cold both inside and out? Only 11 percent prefer a quick bowl of cold cereal or breakfast bar in the winter.

Dress Code
·Dressed to impress: Men are more likely to be dressed and ready to go while eating breakfast (40 percent) than women (27 percent).

·Been practicing for years! Those who are older have their system down pat when it comes to a breakfast routine. Those ages 65 and up were more likely to have a routine for breakfast (73 percent) versus those ages 18-34 (58 percent).

On a side note, Did you know Log Cabin is the first and only branded table syrup to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from its ingredients?

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