Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amazing Ring Race

Houston First Annual Amazing Ring Race took place today.
What was the Amazing Ring Race?
A free, high-tech treasure hunt to find (and win) a fabulous $15,000 ArtCarved diamond ring from Thomas Markle Jewelers

When was this?
The Amazing Ring Race took place today, March 5th.

Where was the race?
Registration and kickoff took place at Town Green Park. Following the game, there was an after party.

Who participated?
Any team of two over the age of 18 can participate.

All locations and challenges were delivered to and from our cell phone via iPhone/Android application or text message. It had to be compatible. As for transport, we played by foot. Automobiles and bikes were prohibited.

To win a $15,000 ArtCarved diamond ring from Thomas Markle Jewelers

Watch the video below, from

Independentmami's thoughts-When we arrived we were told to be there at 11 am. The lines were long. We had to wait for everyone to register before we could get started. It was freezing cold. The race was free. We received a free shirt, and a water with water bottle. Then we were instructed to begin. Everyone received clues on their phones. You had to go the stores around the Woodlands's Town Center. Our journey took us back and forth from one point to the other point for over 12 laps. We received the place. Then we received the question, and clue to answer. The answers were there, you had to guess them right. As you answered them right, you received points. Once you were done, the winner was chosen by the most points. It was a very fun race. It was very hard running from place to place. People got different questions. I even had to get my arm waxed. We also played panty toss. In the end, a young couple expecting a baby were announced as the winners. Second and third place received gift certificates to use at Thomas Markle. This was the first year but they are planning on doing it again. So ladies, be on the lookout for the next race. See you at next Amazing Ring Race.

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