Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cystex Better Bladder Challenge

“Cystex Better Bladder Challenge,” a non-scientific challenge using Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox. The Challenge will follow a select group of “recurrent” UTI sufferers (those who have experienced three or more UTIs in the past 12 months), who will take part in this project from May 1 to July 31, 2011, with the goal of achieving better urinary health. Participants will report on their progress on the Cystex Ladies Room blog and Facebook page via written word and/or video (Flip cams and three-months worth of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex will be provided to all participants).

Recurrent UTIs can seriously impact a woman’s quality of life. If you or your readers are interested in achieving a “better bladder,” visit the Cystex Facebook page at, where you’ll find a Better Bladder Challenge informational tab and a sign-up form tab on the left side of the page. Participant selection will take place on or around April 15th.

***Disclosure-Informational post only. No compensation was received.

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