Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Runners Log

Wow, I am on such a rush right now with all the runs we have been doing. We have not really had a breather. Again this month we did 2 fitness challenges instead of just 1. I am so proud of us. I say us because it is a group of us who support each other and do the races. Let me start by telling you, a support group is the #1 reason why I continue to do my runs. When I am ready to give up, they are not. We help balance each other out. If you are doing it alone, get a group of friends to join you.

1st Fitness Challenge-Race Against Violence 5K run

Alba 00:31:52 with an average of 10:17/m pace
2nd Fitness Challenge-Bayou City Classic 10K run

Alba 1:14:33 with an average of 12:01/m pace

So below you will find the pictures of my last race. Pay attention to my face. You can clearly see how concentrated I am on what I am doing. I am trying to breath. There were uproads and downroads, so I had my own strategy for each. The reason I am showing you these pictures are to show you, that I actually do the runs. I do have a hard time with myself. It is all mind games. But anything can be played like this, dieting, exercising, etc... The main idea is the last picture where I crossed the line, you too can cross your line. Whatever it may be. Find something fun for you. Find a group of people with the same goals in mind. You cannot cross the finish line if you do not start by crossing the starting line. If you have been standing on the sidelines, it is your time now. Let others cheer for you.

I just received my wedding video. As we watched it, I noticed how skinny I had gotten for my wedding. But the number on the scale was not my magical number. That's it, the number is just that, a number. Watching that video made me realize this. I wanted to pass it along to you. Stop watching that number as the magical number, instead watch what you eat, watch what you do, and watch your clothes get looser and looser.

Until next challenge... see you at the start line.

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