Thursday, January 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday-Reflecting

Wow, a new year is do you feel about that?

Looking back at last year and reflecting is a good way to analyze where I am this year.  I started the year so good.  

My husband and I decided to start working out together.  Couples fitness was great for both of us.  We were able to hang out together doing something we both enjoy.  We were accountable to each other.  With our schedules being so busy, this was a way for both of us to spend a little more time with each other.  He was able to help me out and it worked great for us.  

Another great thing that helped me out was the different races I was able to participate in.
Aramco Houston Half was the first race of the year.  A half marathon that I did not train for but did complete.  I am actually signed up to run it again this year.  I am currently in training.  Luckily I will not be alone.  I have a group of friends that are all committed to complete the 13.1 miles.  I have a commitment to myself to finish the half marathon.  The clock countdown says I have 17 more days...this part is to be continued.  

My next race was the Steps 4 Students.  I like doing races that I can get the entire family involved.  5Ks are fun and short.  Fitness does not have to be hard.

I normally do not run more than 1 half marathon in a year but never say never right.  I ran the Biggest Loser Half Marathon.  A different city, the month of May and me running 13.1 miles.  This was a challenge but again I succeeded by crossing the finish line.

Both of the half marathons really did a number on my knees.  I even went to the doctor to make sure I was not injured.  I was cleared.  I decided to give my knees a little rest by starting to ride my bicycle.  This was really good for my knees.  I was able to get out and get the mileage in without hurting myself.  No more pounding on my knees.  But this was not the only way that I stayed the focused on fitness.

A fun way I was able to train last year, was to do fitness challenges like the 1000 burpee FitFluential Challenge.  I did not think I was going to make it there at the end but I did.  Completing the 1000 burpees was awesome!  Those burpees were so hard but breaking it up for 30 days and doing some a day helped me complete this challenge.

It was a great year but I did lose focus.  Life got very busy and it was difficult to make time for the gym, working out, or anything.  But I kept refocusing as much as I could.  I started watching my steps to see how much I was moving since I was not able to make it out to the gym.  I had to get creative with my movement.  

-Workout breaks-I tried to get up, move around, squat, jumping jacks, or whatever got me moving during the day.
-Counting Steps-Watching my steps made it easy to see when I had not moved.  So on days I noticed my movement was low, I took the long way to places, more stairs, and move more.
-Me time-I realized that even though life got complicated I was allowed to have a moment to myself to regroup.  Selah-Peace, be still.  When I go for runs that helps me clear my head, and I needed lots of head clearing time this year.  Thank goodness for the support I have from my husband, and the encouragement to take me time.  that I deserved it.  That I was allowed.  That it was ok.

It was hard but I am not quitting.  I am running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon in 17 days.
I am not looking to break my PR.  I am looking to be at a place of happiness with myself, because it is about me being happy with ME. 

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