Friday, February 28, 2014

Fitness Friday-UnderArmour FitFluential 1000 #FFBURPEE Challenge

Today is the last day of February.  The second month of the year, gone.  How are you doing with your resolution?  How are you fitness goals?  We are 2 months down and 10 more to go.  It is ok if you have gotten lost we need to refocus, and the end of the month/beginning of the month is the perfect time for this.  In January, I tried to start back but the weather played a big role in my delay.  This month, I had a partner and trainer right by my side helping me.  I keep recommending to you to find a partner to help you with accountability.  I not only had accountability but I also signed up for a challenge.  I was going to do an ab challenge but a friend posted about the @FitFluential @UnderArmour 1000 #FFBURPEES challenge.  I thought about how hard those have been for me in the past and I decided to take on the challenge.  The goal was to do at least 37 a day.  I actually started the challenge a day late so I had to catch up and so I did 50.  I did not do them all at once.  I put my heart monitor on before I started.  I did 10 at a time.  I let my heart rate come back down and then I did 10 more.  I ended doing 50 with a 15 to 20 minute time period.  I felt great.  So on the days I could I did 50.  Then life took over and I had a trip out of town.  No excuses remember, so I played catch up all through the month.  Some days I had to do 75, and this week even 100.

Above are recaps of my trips to the gym and my burpees.  My husband was great helping me achieve my goal of 1000 burpees.  Even my little one joined in the challenge when she saw me doing the burpees at home.  I did not think I could do that many but I did it!  This morning I completed my last 100 burpees for a total of 1000.

But you do not have to take on a crazy challenge like I did, just focus on something you are trying to achieve.  Have you ran a 5K before or walked it?  Whatever you do, keep moving!!  Good luck!  I have not decided what I will be doing this next month but all I know is my body is reshaping.  Next month I will give you a update on the stats but for now-who cares what the scale reads as I am having fun!

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