Friday, June 6, 2014

Fitness Friday-Crusing on my Bicycle

My poor knees have taken a beating so I have tried to find an exercise that will help preserve them.  I searched high and low and finally found the bike that I can ride and enjoy. 

 And I do not have to enjoy my rides alone because the entire family can go on bike rides with me even the toddler.  We have so much fun watching the sun set in the horizon, the birds fly off from tree to tree, and so much more we discover everyday.  But has been best of all is that I get alot of mileage in and my knees do not hurt afterwards.  I am gradually adding more mileage to my rides.  I hope to be able to be consist with this because it is helping me save my knees.  I really enjoy it so much just as much as I enjoy running.  It clears my mind after work.  The weather is perfect in the afternoons for bike rides.  Summer break is here for the kiddos, I think a family bike ride is a perfect way for outdoors fun.

Are you riding bikes with your family?  Have you tried cycling?  Like I said it took me awhile to find just the right bike for me.  The price was in my budget and I see it as an investment into my health that I actually am using.  Don't be afraid of the bike seat, you can always buy a bigger seat, cushions, and eventually you will get use to it. 

Have a fun ride!

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