Monday, June 16, 2014

Tortatos Review

***Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own.

Clean eating has become a part of our lifestyle.  Not only because my mom and I have food allergies, but also because I newly discovered my daughter has them too.  

So finding alternatives to food we like is always a challenge, we are use to taste.  One thing I could not give up is chips.  I like the crunch.

TortatosTM are the world¹s first-ever half tortilla chip, half potato chip ­ which uniquely combine red potatoes and stone-ground white corn to create a chip with the crunch of a tortilla chip and the finish of a potato chip.

The white corn¹s inherent sweetness and the excellent flavor of red potatoes provide the best tasting and lightest chip, with 25% less fat than traditional potato chips. As with all RW Garcia chips, Tortatos are all natural, Non-GMO Project verified and gluten free certified, and they contain no additives or preservatives. The new RW Garcia Tortatos come in four flavors familiar to those who love traditional potato chips ­ Original, Barbecue, Salt & Pepper and Salt & Vinegar.
RW Garcia¹s Tortatos are now available in Central Markets throughout Texas. 

These are so good.  I am glad that we can all enjoy them.  And are a great way to not get sick in our house because we are not allergic to these.

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