Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivational Monday-Never Quit on Yourself

The days have been very loomy, gloomy, way past beyond the point of return.  I have been very depressed.  My life isn't going so well.  Work is just horrible and is the biggest cause of my stress.  And I am taking home which is causing more stress.  It seems as I am digging a bigger and bigger hole for me.  Am I ever going to get out or am I going to be found drown in this hole?
Yes, I know life does not always go as planned.  When life kicks you down, get back up.  But when you get kicked one to many times, you just wanna a break, so you stay on the floor.  Once on the floor, you start to think just stay here.  I have been in a serious funk.  But there has been one thing that I could not avoid.  Last year in June, I signed up for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon.  I was picked.  I knew I had enough time to train and I was so happy.  But little did I know how my life would be in the months to come.  I had been going to the gym and working out with my husband.  Work was work but I left it at work.  My kids, well kids are going to be kids.  It all fell apart.  Little by little, it all kept falling and falling.  I started giving up on things one at a time.  Don't get me wrong I tried several times to get it back to where I was but it just seemed as I took one step, I was thrown five back.  The half marathon kept getting closer and closer.  All I wanted was for it to be over.  I told my husband I was unable to do it and that he would have to run for me.  He actually said "No".  Can you believe him?  I ran a race for him and he couldn't even help me out this time.  Registration for the half is $125 and I of course didn't want it to go to waste.  This was the first Aramco that was under my name.  What was I going to do?

A little before New Year's, life kept kicking me down.  It seemed as if it was out to get me.  And I had nothing left to give.  New Year's Day came and there was a small light.  I decided this year my resolution was to REFOCUS.  RE was going to be a big part of this year.  Whether it was to REview something, REthink things, REsolve matters,  REdefine, REnew, etc...  So on this day I decided I was going to run the half marathon.  I second guessed myself from January 1-16.  I still was wishing my husband would say he would run it for me.  But yesterday, January 18 I completed my 4th half marathon.

On Saturday when we went to the expo, someone said you have done the training, you have done all you can, the hardest part is done.  All I could think of was my hardest part has yet to come.  In life, the hardest parts are yet to come because the things we accomplish are done.  Each thing life presents at that time will be the hardest thing you have to face in life, whatever it may be.  How will you face that?  Will you quit on yourself?  The hardest thing for me to do was not to quit on myself.  To start to believe in myself again.  The easy way was to quit.

Whatever you are going through know that you are the one going through it.  YOU can make it all better.  YOU have the power to make it better.  Are you a quitter or are you YOU?
To RENEW.  To find a new NEW.  This is my new NEW.  I lost focus somewhere in 2014 but as I entered 2015 I am reminded that there are going to be times I am going to lose it all, but I can REFOCUS.  Each time something happens I will remember to REFOCUS. 

Have you had a moment when you quit on yourself?  Did you refocus?  What helped you?  Are you still lost?  Do you need some REfocus in your life? 


Tanya Kara said...

Thanks for the motivation!

Unknown said...

My husband helps me focus. He reminds me of what's important. Such a nice post. Thanks for the inspiration.

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