Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Character Meet and Greet Tips

Last August we took our daughter to Disney World for her 1st visit.  We were so excited for our family to all to share this moment.  One of the things that we enjoyed doing with her was the Meet and Greet with the characters.  She did not know was about to happen when it just happened.  Each time it left her so stunned, and or course speechless.  Before going on our trip, I looked online for tips and tricks.  Here are some that we used:

1)  Autographs Books-So it was suggested to make one.  I looked online and was, like ok.  I can do this.  Then I realized I didn't have time for all that.  I actually bought plain scrapbooks but never got to do anything with them.  If you have time and talent, then go for it!  It is your book.  But it was a fail for me.  I then tried heading to the Disney store but they were all out.  Then my sister in law suggested we head to the souvenir shops in Florida when we got there.  BINGO!  We found some really cute ones and super, dirt cheap.  
2)  Autograph Pen-So I found some cute little permanent markers at the dollar store.  They even came with little hooks to hook on.  They had different colors and I thought these are too cute.  Until we got to the park and we tried to get a signature.  The characters have to be able to hold these.  Some characters were not able to hold these little markers. 
3)  Lanyards-I found some really cute lanyards at Dollar Tree.  They different characters to choose from.  I bought one for each family member.  These were very useful.  I hooked the autograph book and markers to mine.
The Meet and Greets are so awesome.  The characters really give you their undivided attention when it is your turn.  They do not rush you at all.  Here are some tips I learned from our experience:

4)  Be ready-The is not their first day doing these.  They are ready for the crowds day in and day out.  You need to be ready when it is your turn.  A-because you need to be considerate for all the rest of the people in line.  B-Because it is finally your turn, take advantage fully of all your time.  

5)  Assign Jobs-No I don't mean real work.  It was 5 of us in our group.  So grandma had the card for the photographer to scan.  Yes, there is a photographer that will take your professional fancy photo at every meet and greet.  I had the autograph book and pen.  Daddy had our camera ready.  Yes, they will take pictures for you on your camera or phone.  Again going back to above-BE READY!

6)  Entertainment-The lines are long.  Depending what character you are going to meet, it may be an hour, or two, or three.  Bring activity books, coloring books, or gadgets for the kiddos to play with while in line.  

7)  Dining-Make sure you fill up on your drinks like water bottles before you get in line.  If you have small kids, you know they are always thirsty.  Also, bring snacks for the little kids.  We brought plenty of things for our daughter to munch and crunch on.  

8)  Potty Breaks-Do use the restrooms before getting line.  Wherever we were, we always knew where the nearest restroom was at.  

9)  Schedule/Maps-Check the schedules and maps before heading into the park or right when you get there.  We totally missed Minnie at Disney World because we did not find where she was at.  We did one big circle and got all the characters but we missed Minnie.  Minnie was at the back of the park.

10)  Buttons-You can go to City Hall and get a 1st visit, birthday, etc...button.  We totally missed it because we saw the castle and ran to see the performance at the castle.  We almost missed getting our buttons.  City Hall is at the front right when you enter.  Get these first.  These button identify you and your special trip.  

Have fun and enjoy your trip!  I hope these tips help you have the best Meet and Greet experiences.

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