Monday, May 12, 2014

Motivational Monday-Biggest Loser Run Walk

As you know I am a huge fan of the Biggest Loser.   I like how this show helps so many from the contestants they pick, their families, to the people at home.  Every time a new season begins it is always a great reminder for me to check where I am at in my healthy lifestyle and fitness level.  I was lucky to receive a complimentary entry to the Biggest Loser Run Walk Series in Beaumont, TX.

Remember I completed the Aramco Half Marathon in Houston this past January.  I did not train for this race at all.  Even though after that half marathon finished I felt accomplished part of me was scared I had injured myself.  But I did not want to believe it.  I rested my knee and tried to go light.  I hit the gym trying to built back up to where I was.  Trying fitness challenge after fitness challenge month after month since that race.  My mom asked me to go with her to her dr appointment and it just happened to be her knee doctor.  The information I learned at that visit ultimately made me schedule a visit with my own doctor.  My doctor then sent me to a specialist.  I was so scared.  I completely stopped exercising.  I did not want to injure myself more, if I was injured.  I was confused and scared.  I have this new found love of running and some doctor just told me, running is not recommended.  I may not be able to do it at all.  I had lots of test and finally my results.  My hallelujah moment came when my specialist said I have to go ahead to start training again.  My knee was not permanently injured or damaged.  I got the all clear!  I was so excited specially because before just 1 mile would cause me so much pain.  My next half marathon was soon approaching and he said he saw no reason why I could not do it.  So I did just that.

On May 3 I did my 2nd half marathon of the year.  I did not break any records but I did accomplish my goal which was to start and finish.  My knee did not give me any problems.  The doctor was right.  I set my mind and I did it.  All 13.1 miles, I did it!

Check out the sign of relief on my face when I crossed the finish line.  I will not tell you that it was not hard, because it was.  13.1 miles in the hot sun, you the road, and the finish line.  After I hydrated, caught my breath, and took a minute to rest I was able to celebrate my victory.  My husband and kids were at the finish line cheering me on.  And I even got to meet some of the past contestants:

But the best part of all of this is the bad A** medal I get to now show off to everyone, it is my favorite!

My official time 3 hours and 6 minutes!  A priceless moment...

Don't give up on something.  You can be any size, shape, or form.  You don't have to run, you can walk.  Baby steps, remember.  When people look at me, they do not imagine a runner hides inside my body.  Who hides inside of yours?

The Biggest Loser is challenging America.  The run/walk series is going all over America.  You could find one close to you and join in the fun.  For more information go to:

Remember do not let anyone tell you what you can and can't do, it is totally up to you to do it!

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