Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feliz Dia de Las Madres

This morning I will not complain about having not slept all night.
-about being tired.
- that my house is a mess.
- about the stresses I have.
-about being late to work everyday

I will remember that all night I got to hug my little one, I cuddled and snuggled with her every moment of every hour that I was awake.

I will remember all the funny moments, sayings, and laughs shared.  I will remember the time we spent together playing and enjoying ourselves as each ache comes about.

I will see the colors on the floor as an artist still not finished.  The toys and clothes all over as reminders of a life we live and people I share it with.

I will embrace the time spent with my teen as precious moments in time not usually had.

Today I will hug them tighter.  I will enjoy more time.  We will make more messes.  Today I remember why I do it all, because of them.

Though I would not have school meetings, projects, day cares, pottys to clean, and butties to wipe, I would not trade these not in a blink, not in a dream, and never in my life.

from one mami to another-  Happy Mami's Day to you!

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Unknown said...

Gracias por tan magnifico post creado para nosotras las Mamis , espero hayas pasado un magnifico dia en union a tus seres amados !!!