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#SayAdiosToDiapers Pull-Ups Tools and Resources #ad

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull Ups Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect.  Like always any opinions expressed are my own based on my personal experience.

Last week, I told you about my wonderful luncheon, #SayAdiosToDiapers Pull Ups Training Pants Houston Luncheon #ad
I have been using Pull-Ups® tools and resources to make our potty training fun and easy for me and my daughter as we learn the process and grow together in  Saying Adios to Diapers!

Thanks again to the LBC network, and Pull-Ups.
Potty training can be a challenge to many of us parents.  It is an exciting milestone but sometimes one we really hate to overcome.  Starting the process isn't always easy.  Because once you start it can be a long journey that requires a lot of commitment from parents, guardians, and extended family, friends, and caregivers.

Pull-Ups® Training Pants help make potty training a fun and easy bonding experience between parent and child by encouraging parents to celebrate potty training with fun rituals such as “Celebrating Every Flush”.  Pull-Ups® Training Pants are proven to deliver more potty training success than diapers.

This has been one of our problems.  We confused our daughter by using the diapers instead of training pants.  Training pants are so much easier and it prepares them for the transition.

Pull-Ups® have stretchy sides that allow the child to learn the skill of pulling down and
up.  They offer the right amount of protection during training.  Consistently using Pull Ups® Training Pants throughout the entire potty training process, instead of switching back to diapers, will reduce toddler confusion and lead to more success.

Don't make our mistake.

Step 2 once we started the process was celebrating every flush, as a success!  We have a potty dance we do after every flush and everyone around is asked to get involved.  Yes, everyone!

Pull-Ups® provides tools and resources at the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy that make
potty training fun and easy for Mom and child to help them Celebrate the First Flush:

Nina Needs to Go: Pull-Ups® is a proud sponsor of Nina Needs to Go, an animated short form series for preschoolers that airs daily on Disney® Channel and Disney Junior. Nina Needs to Go follows four-year-old Nina who often ‘needs to go’ at the most inopportune moments, and must use her initiative to overcome the obstacles between her and the nearest bathroom.  Nina Needs to Go is a first-of-its kind partnership for Pull-Ups® and will also be featured on the Big Kid Academy at

My daughter loves Nina.  Nina is always at the wrong place when she needs to potty.  But what I love is that as we are watching my daughter's favorite shows, as she is glued to the TV, she is reminded of potty time.  And after watching Nina, she goes or attempts to go as well.

Now a days our kids are so tech savvy.  They can handle the gadgets better than their grandparents.  Some kids need more encouragement then others.  We as parents always have to be one step ahead.  Gosh, I sound like my mom when I say that.  "I am one step ahead of you always remember that!"  So don't be afraid to find a unique way to help your kiddos.  Other ways suggested on Pull-Ups:

Video Character Call: Toddlers can receive a video call from their favorite Disney®
characters such as Cinderella and characters from Cars.

Potty News Network:. A place for moms to share their First Flushers’ celebration by
creating a customized animated news clip to share with friends and family on social

Music Room: An interactive room where toddlers can click on an instrument to play
music and get the party started.

Potty Training Progress Chart: A printable chart that encourages moms to track their
First Flusher’s potty training accomplishments.

Big Kid App ®:Mom can take the celebration everywhere by downloading the Big Kid® App on her mobile device. Some features include:

3D Starlight Spectacular: As a part of night time potty training, before bed time,
toddlers can collect the stars that virtually appear in the app.

Videos & Songs: Toddlers can dance and sing along to a Pull-Ups® collection of songs
and videos to get them into a potty training routine.

Pull-Ups® Big Kid 3D Celebration: Mom can scan the celebration marker on each
pack of Pull-Ups® to allow her toddler to interact with their favorite Disney character.

Big Kid Checklist: To gets toddlers into a night time routine, moms can create a
customizable checklist of their toddler’s bedtime activities.

I really like the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy because it have found expert advice from the Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partners.  This potty training has not been easy.  We have been having every day successes.  After our luncheon we each received a new First Years potty seat and some Pull ups training pants to get us started with our process.
Pull-Ups® launched a new partnership with The First Years®, Moms can purchase a
specialty potty seat for her toddler featuring a free sample pack of Pull-Ups® Training

First Years® offers lines of products to help moms prepare for milestones in their
children’s lives.  Pull-Ups training pants come in three sizes: 2T–3T (18- 34 lbs.); 3T–4T (32–40 lbs.) and 4T–5T (38+ lbs.).

Pull-Ups® brand offers two different kinds of gender and size specific training pants that include:
Learning Designs®
Night*Time Training Pants
Available in two sizes: 2T-3T and 3T-4T.

With the tips, online resources, First Years Disney Princess potty seat, and Pull Ups, we continue to be one step closer to graduating into a big girl.  My daughter loves to do her royal flush.  I also like that the Pull Ups come in different sizes because my daughter is so petite.  She may be the oldest out of her cousins but she is the smallest in frame.  The 2T-3T size is the perfect fit for her.  I am confident soon we will be fully trained but I am not pushing my daughter.  I want her to feel comfortable with this next step.  The potty training stage is no longer so scary for us, now it is just getting the hang of things.

Visit The Big Kid Academy at to learn more! 

How long did it take you to train your kids?  Did you see a difference in training a boy versus a girl?  Any new tips to share?  Have been online and has it helped you in your training? 

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