Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitness Friday-Steps 4 Students 5K

I have a new found love for running and I know I sound redundant when I keep writing that but I do love to run.  But what I enjoy the most is that I get to do this with my family.  This hobby helps me keep up with my healthy lifestyle.  I try to find races that are available in my city that are cost effective so that we all can participate.  In February, we participated in the Steps for Students 5K for the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese.  My friend's children attend and so it is great that we can help them with this fundraiser.  

What is a 5K?  5K = 3 miles

You do not have to run.  Most of these are fun runs that include family walks.  Everyone can participate and you can even push strollers that is what is so fun about this.  You can go online and find tools to help you get to where you want to be.  I am not where I want to be but I try, try, and will keep trying.  

This is the route of the 5K we did.
 The day was not too hot or too cold for a run.  I like when the route is a straight shot and not a lot of curves.  This even when through some streets with a lot of shade so it was perfect.  So how did we do, you ask?

1st Place-MJ 27 minutes
2nd Place-Dad 28 minutes
3rd Place-Mami 35 minutes

We had fun and that is all that counts.  I will tell you that none of us wanted to wake up this morning.  We had a lot of things on our plate this day.  But we made no excuses and went out there.  A practically 30 minute run and we were done.  Look I burned 355 calories in that 5K run, we had family time, and we helped a great cause.

Finding a race in your area can be as easy as goggling- Run/Walk in _____ city  

I challenge you to do your first 5K by the end of this month.  Good luck! 

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