Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivational Monday-Jim McIngvale's Gallery Furniture

Last year I attended Blog Elevated 2013, I had so much fun with all the attendees here in Houston.  One of the fun things we got to do was enter raffles to win different prizes.  One of those raffles was a gift certificate to Gallery Furniture, and I was a lucky winner.
So we headed to Gallery Furniture to see what we could find.  We did not know an adventure awaited us inside.

-An indoor playground for the kiddos
-Exotic birds greet you outside and inside the store in a cages
-Sports Memorabilia and many interesting items on display-like the biggest chair
-Fresh baked cookies
-fresh pop corn
-ice cream
It is a wonderful shopping experience.  You can get lost and spend the day in there.  We did not know exactly what we were looking for and of course I fell in love with so much.  The deals were all great but I was looking for something to pop right out at me.  I had no worries about the kids being unhappy with a trip to the furniture store since we had all of the above, even we the adults were content.  After walking around several times, I finally found what I did know I wanted to buy.  It was off in a room I had totally missed, this place is huge.  It was marked down and in our budget.  Sold!  But my story does not end there, the real story is the man behind the crazy commercial.  Mattress Mac, Jim McIngvale is the guy who made all this happen.  I met him for the first time when I was in 5th grade and I will never forget it.  He told us a monkey story that I did forget but since then he has inspired me and continues to inspire me.  See this guy does so much for our community.

He is a philanthropist, donating money for scholarships, needy families, disaster relief, and supports our military.  I personally remember going to his store as a single parent.  He hosted a giveaway at Christmas time for families, and each kid got a toy.  The kids in line were so happy and grateful.  And so was I.  I had nothing to give my son at the time but Jim gave him something.  This guy is great.  Even after a 4 alarm fire destroyed his store, he rebuilt.  This past February, he gave away furniture after several customers picked the winning team.  There are always great deals in his store and of course great furniture.  But the man behind the story is what is the real story!

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