Thursday, March 6, 2014

NaBloPoMo March Day 4-My Worst My Best

NaBloPoMo March 2014
Today's Topic-Does blogging bring out my best or worst self?

Blogging is my outlet.  I write what is happening in my life, how I am feeling, or what's going on.  My best could be someone's worst and my worst could be someone's best.

I personally think it is just ME not good or bad in my book.  I like to blog.  It is a fun thing to do.  I think when it no longer becomes fun I will stop.  Blogging started for me as an outlet.  It has continued to be a chronicle and journal of my life whether good or bad.  I seem to think I have never seen a worst side of me in my writing but I have had my moments.  Who doesn't, everyone does?

Blogging will continue to be the chapters of my book.  You can stop reading if you don't like this chapter.  You can skip around.  You can skim through too.  But I am the writer, whether good or bad, it is what it is-ME.

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