Thursday, January 23, 2014

Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador

I have an announcement, as of yesterday, I have been selected as a
I am so excited.  But what does that mean exactly, right?

As a TDFA I am here to promote the TDF vision of fitness, well being, clean living, in a judgment free
environment.  You will see my TDFA posts on my blog, FB, twitter, instagram, and etc...follow along.  Also on Wednesdays, we wear pink!  I did not understand where #PinkWednesday came from, but now I do.
  This line comes from the movie the Mean Girls.  I had to go back and then I got it, #PinkWednesdays

I am so happy to have been selected for this ambassador program.  You know I have changed my lifestyle and have been providing resources for you from my experiences.  I have tried it all; yoga, Bikram yoga, Zumba, Crossfit, bootcamp after bootcamp, and of course the good old gym.  I have said no to the gym and tried videos, walking, jogging, and running.  Cycling became my passion.  To me my new lifestyle encourages fitness wherever I go, no matter what it is called, and that to me is what Train Dirty Fitness means to me.

Just this week my husband surprised me by getting a gym membership at my gym.  He has a membership at his gym that he has had for years now, that he loves, and is an awesome price.  A new membership for me was going to be so costly that I could not justify moving gyms but he surprised me by joining mine.

I told you this year is my Resolve ReNew ReInvent Year!  Things are changing in my life, my family, my friends, and in my world.  What are you doing?  Do you think you have what it takes to be a Train Dirty Fitness Ambassador whose passion is health and fitness?  Well guess what, you can apply, just like I did.  Applications will close on January 31st  

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