Monday, January 6, 2014

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It is the New Year.  Happy New Years!  Happy 2014!

So do you have a resolution?  Does it have anything to do with losing weight, getting healthy, or doing better?  Last year I got burned out working out.  My resolution was improvement and so I really did not need to focus on working out in a gym.  My focus was more improving my life.  I hit the Big 3-5 last year.  Things are not as easy as they use to be.  Exercising and bouncing back is one of the things that just is not happening so quickly.  But I am not giving up on improving my health.

Certified Fitness Trainer Tracie Long has 10 Fitness Tips For Women 35+:

1)    Weight training improves metabolism and can help women over the age of 35 lose weight

2)    Core training can make your waist smaller

3)    Lower body workouts using hip and glute variations can improve your “rear”

4)    A good night’s sleep is the single most important thing to improve overall health, hormone balance and increased energy level.

5)    You can get better results on a treadmill if you walk on an incline instead of running flat  

6)    Push ups require zero equipment, can be done anywhere & when done correctly, strengthen the chest, triceps, shoulders & even the core. 

7)    Medicine balls are great for core training and can improve your posture 

8)    A pedometer helps you be more accountable to your daily activity (or inactivity)

9)    A foam roller is a good tool for reducing stiffness/tightness in the body that could lead to injuries

10)  30 minutes of the right exercise can be more effective than 60 minutes of running

How many of you have time during the holidays to workout?  Were your schedules all over the place, and how about the food?  

Women can take a proactive approach with a new DVD health/fitness series that will improve their “rear,” help you lose weight and give you more energy during this hectic time of the year.  Nationally known fitness trainer, Tracie Long from “The Firm” franchise has created a DVD health/fitness series designed specifically for women ages 35 and over - Tracie Long Focus Series. The three titles “Lift Higher,” “Kickback” and “Power Up” were released on DVD on December 3, 2013 from home entertainment label, Shelter Island.

If you are ready to invest in your health, you need to start today.  Quit procrastinating.  The New Year is here.  Were you like others saying, I will start as soon as the New Year comes?  Have you started?

This video series is great.  I love that it is called FOCUS.  Why?  Because that is exactly what you need.  You need to focus and with this series that is what you are doing.  One step at a time remember.  Who needs a gym?  Who has time for a gym?  I know I don't.  So I have been getting home.  Getting dinner ready on the stove, popping this series in, and getting my workout on.  Remember Tracie's tip-30 minutes.  That is all it takes.  On Saturday mornings my kids sleep in.  So that is when I snuck my 30 minutes in.  Make it work for you.  Wanna try this series out?

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Lauren C said...

To keep up with my weight lost and to get my husband involve

Lauren C said...

To keep up with my weight lost and to get my husband involve

daysi3317 said...

mi resolucion es bajar de peso y cocinar mas saludable gracias

Carla S said...

My resolutions are to drink more water and to get a six pack.

Jessica Reyna Brogan said...

My resolution is to be less of a Red Hot Mess. Vague, yes, but I think that means I'll have more chance of success!

I also nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Do with it what you will!

aggie said...

My resolution is to try to get to the gym more often and try to make better choices with what I eat.

greeniejoey said...

To stick to my resolutions

kmcgrew213 said...

to eat healthier. thanks!