Monday, January 20, 2014

ReSolve, ReNew, ReInvent #NewYearConBritax

Starting a New Year seems like it would be a restart, like everything from before could just go away but in reality it can't it is part of us.  The past will be there but we can choose to move forward.  The end of 2013 was a very difficult year for me.  I thought 2011 was hard but I never realized that 2013 would leave me so lost.  I have no idea what triggered it or how it all started unraveling but as soon as it did, it never stopped.  Deceit, Divorce, and Death all hit at once.  Even when I thought my world was ending, I was a part of others whose world's were ending as well.  If you noticed I kinda shut down on my blog as I had nothing to say, I was so lost.  Confusion can really make a person crazy.  I know the saying the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but I felt my grass was greener and I was so thankful.  I don't covet what my neighbor has or what I don't have.  I feel so blessed with what I do have that it is the best in my world.  But when your world comes tumbling down you realize how blind you have been to all around you.  You do not know how many times I have broken down.  I was told I seem to be helpful to everyone and have all the answers they all need, but what about me?  Who was going to help me?  Who was going to give me the answers I needed?  Me and my inner voice have had many talks over the years but not like these.  I shut down.  I broke down.  I again never thought I would be this broken.  The last time I was broken like this was when I became a single mother almost 15 years ago.  I lived and I learned.  I picked myself up, little by little the pieces were fixed, and my world was bright and shiny all over again.  I see why some just walk out on life, check out, and just leave it all behind.  I was in this dark place and nothing could take me out.  Or so I thought.

-I realized I do not have to let things that I cannot control, take control of my life.
-I realize I cannot change people.
-I am in control of my decision.
-My family needs me and depends on me.

And I was not ready to give up!  In the New Year I have decided January 1 does not define me, nor does December 31.  I do not have to live with this deadline hovering over me.  But on January 1, I did start to resolve, renew, and reinvent my world.  I have started making changes that I am making myself accountable for on a daily basis.  Last year my 2013 resolution was for improvement.  I felt I did improve.  I had to remind myself of this several times during the year.  Last year's resolution to improve is helping me with this year.  So to start the year right, I created a 2014 resolution list.  This list exist of things we like to do as a family, there is no me without them.  They are my life, and life is worth living for them, for me, and for us.  This list is to serve as a guideline for us, not to restrict on many more things we may add as we go along the way.

2014 Resolution List

1)  Family Time-Snuggling and cuddling on the couch at least 14 times a week.  I want my family to know how much I love them.

2)  Dinner Time-We will sit and enjoy dinner together everyday if possible.  Communication starts when we are all in one place.

3)  Cook-We will learn how to make 14 new dishes.  My son and husband had the first task of making pizza for us and it was yummy!  I realized at the end of the year I did not know how to make any traditional dishes from my country and that is so sad.  I want my kids to be able to pass down our heritage but I can't even teach them if I do not know myself.

4)  Parks-There are over 82 parks in the Houston area.  I want to visit 14 that we have never been to.  Picnic, walking, jogging, running, or whatever other outdoors activity comes to mind that day.

5)  Riding-We will ride our bikes together in 14 different bike trails including Terry Hershey Park, and George Bush Park.  I have heard how great these parks are and we have never been.

6)  Projects-I have several random projects I have been putting off from last year or years before.  No more putting things off.  We will get involved as a family and take care of them one by one.  Organizing my garage has been top off my list.  I started but did not finish.

January has already started and we have been implementing this list.  I am having great results.  You know the saying if it ain't broke, don't fix it, well look at yourself, your life, your family, and your world.  Is it the same ole, same ole?  We get so use to the run around of life that we forget to stop.  That is what the new year is about, it is a time for us to remember, reflect, and restart.  It is not giving us a deadline or timeline.  But life isn't promised from today to tomorrow, so enjoy it, live it, and have no regrets!

Oh and I am not leaving you, my readers, out of my resolution list because even though I will be focusing on me, my family, and my world-Blogging is a part of my world.  I am also hoping on revamping my blog it is so 2000Late.

What has 2014 brought you?

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Dancinghotdogs said...

My sweet friend I am sorry to hear that 2013 ended on a sour note. 2014 is going to be AMAZING!

Yadira said...

I love your resolutions list. I have never written one but I will this year and hold myself accountable for it.