Thursday, January 9, 2014

People's Choice Awards winner COVERGIRL Queen Latifah

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Did you watch the People's Choice Awards last night?  I did.  I love award shows.

Congratulations to COVERGIRL Queen Latifah for winning ‘Best New TV Show Host’ People’s Choice Awards 2014

Have you watch the show?  I have, and I really enjoy it.  The Queen knows what she is doing.

Queen Latifah was glammed by makeup artist and COVERGIRL ambassador Sam Fine and her fashion look was styled by Tim Snell. Below please see how Sam Fine was able to get Queen’s winning look. 

How-To Get The Look by COVERGIRL Ambassador Sam Fine

-Inspiration & Fashion: Most often the clothes dictate the look; however, once Tim Snell (Latifah’s longtime fashion stylist) revealed his version of the LBD, Latifah immediately requested a simple eye, glowing skin, and a striking lip instead of our favorite smoky eye/pale lip combination.  So, when the Queen makes a request… I aim to please!

 Face: Every look begins with great skin - beautiful coverage and a gorgeous glow!
1.       I always begin using truBLEND Fixstick concealer one shade lighter than her complexion.
2.       It’s perfect to highlight the under eye area, the bridge of the nose and chin (areas where the light naturally hits the face).
3.       After, I use a synthetic foundation brush to gently apply truBLEND Liquid Makeup to unify varied tones.
4.       I used Queen Collection Lasting MattePressed Powder to set underneath the eyes and the center of the face, then applied my favorite bronzer,Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer, near the outer perimeter of the face for glowing results.
5.       Tip: I often use two shades of bronzer – one that matches her skin tone, which takes the place of blush, and a deeper shade – to contour and warm her complexion.

Eyes: A simple, clean eye doesn’t mean that I don’t use eye shadow; it means I used natural looking shades to enhance the shape of her almond eyes.
1.       Using a large brush, I swept the eye with Queen Collection Eyeshadow Pot inDazzle (Q185) to add warmth, richness and a touch of shimmer to the eye area.
2.       Then, I applied Vivid Impact Eyeliner in Midnight (300) closest to the lashline, extending it at the outer corner to lift the eye.
3.       Lastly, I applied individual lashes and few coats of Bombshell Volume Mascara in VeryBlack (800) for volume and intensity. (#bombshelling)

Lips: Now, the fun part… a dramatic lip!
1.       I always begin with liner to shape the lip and insure a long – lasting finish throughout the night.
2.       I applied LipPerfection Lipliner in Beloved (225).
3.       Using a lip brush for added precision, I applied Queen Collection Lip Color in Burgendelicious (Q410) for an effortless, yet glamorous finish!

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