Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonder Bumpers Review

Parents concerned about letting their babies sleep in a bare crib now have a solution. Wonder Bumpers are a new design of crib bumpers that remove the suffocation risk associated with traditional bumpers that wrap around the bottom of the crib interior.

Wonder Bumpers are a set of individual bumpers that you zip around each crib rail separately, leaving space between the rails for airflow. Parents do not have to worry about their little ones pulling the bumpers down on themselves either, because Wonder Bumpers zipper closure keeps them securely in place while making it easy for parents to remove them for washing.

Here is Lil Bit's crib with the traditional crib bumpers:
Now here is Lil Bit's crib with the Wonder Bumpers installed:

My thoughts-The Wonder Bumpers are extremely soft.  They are easy to install.  They are reversible.  They also come in patterns.  Lil Bit's are Cream and Pink.  It offers bumper protection on the entire rail vs one strand with the traditional bumper.  And now that she is crawling, standing up on her own, and has her 1st set of teeth, we want her to have as much soft protection as possible.  These worked great and she really liked them. 

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Sample provided to review.  These are our honest opinions.

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