Friday, August 3, 2012

Hitting the Park~3 Fun Things TO DO

I used to think going to the park was only for when you had no place else to go, and you wanted the kids to burn energy.  But I was wrong.  Heading to the park can be a fun adventure. 
We have a park in our neighborhood.  So first of all we do not have to load up the car and drive anywhere.  We can go anytime.  No fee to get in.  We put Lil Bit in her Britax  B-Ready.  And my husband, son, and I head to the park walking.  It is good to get the kids out of the house and have them stretch their legs.  Let them get some sun.  Leave all the gadgets at home and start your fun adventure. 

There are so many things you can do at the park, or like us on the way there too.  Here are 3 ways to have some fun at the park:

1)  Big Summer-I recently saw the movie Big Year.  It was about guys who love to bird watch and are competing to find and see the most birds.  Though you may not know the different kinds of birds, depending on the ages of the kids, count birds.  Whoever sees more wins?  Different color birds?  Get more points?  Have you ever bird watched?  I always believe there are learning experiences in everything we do.  Get the kids excited about birds next time you are outside, or on the way to the park.

2)  Obstacle course-Play races with the kids.  Start at one end of the playground, do the monkey bars, through the bridges and end it by coming down the slide.  This is great if you have siblings playing against each other, or they can team up.  The kids can be captains and pick teams, one parent per team.  There are no rules.  Just have fun!

3)  Animal Hunt-Ok, don't be scared.  Look for lady bugs, caterpillars, rolly pollies, etc...  The point is for the kids to explore.  You can challenge the kids and see who can find more, different kinds, or different color lady bugs.

The adventure begins as soon as you step foot out of your door.  You know your kids, and their ages think of ways you can have fun with them.  Create new adventures every time.

What do you do when you hit the park with the kids?  Do you have any games you or your kids like to play?

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