Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Always Radiant Infinity Pads Review

Always Radiant Infinity pads feature a unique technology that conforms to each individual shape, delivering premium protection. Always Radiant Infinity pads are part of the Radiant Collection, a new complete offering of premium tampons, pads, liners and wipes that meets all of a woman’s feminine care needs. The new Collection stands out on shelves and features packaging and wrappers that compliment any girl’s unique style, making these products must-have accessories any time of the month.
Suggested retail price: $3.99 - $5.49 (16 pads), $7.49 - $9.49 (32 pads)

My thoughts-Though growing up I did not have a very heavy period, I had never really found a pad I liked.  Until I found Always.  Always is always coming up with the next best thing.  And they have.  These Always Radiant Infinity pads can hold alot.  No more accidents for me.  I no longer have to make the embarrassing call to my husband, to please bring me a change of clothes.  Or have to do the walk of shame out of my office building.  Especially now that after having Lil Bit, I seem to be like a running faucet.  I also like that they are so thin.  I can stick them in my back or front pocket and no one will know any different.

***Disclosure-I am an Influenster.  I received a Latina Beauty VoxBox filled with complimentary samples to test and review.  These are my honest opinions.

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