Friday, July 13, 2012

June Fitness Log

So I told you I was going to be keeping you up to date with my fitness challenge for the year.  My previous post Road to Marathon I explained what I have been doing the last 6 months.  Alot of you said many kind words, and THANK YOU for that.  Some of you got inspired, and others well, I am going to keep working at yah.  Do not be discouraged, like I keep telling myself everyday.  As long as you do something, anything, everyday.  All it takes is for you to start. 

Some of my suggestions:
-Run with a partner
-Join a Running Team
-Zumba or dance

And here is what I have been doing.  My schedule has changed slightly.  In another recent post, I Swear I am not Contagious I explained how I just found out that I have several foods I am allergic to.  It has been hard because I am nursing and need to eat enough to keep producing milk for Lil Bit.  And because I am exercising, I def need to eat plenty to fuel me.  I think this is a mistake alot of us make, we do not eat enough.  At least I use to think that way before I was told otherwise.  Eating 6 small meals is better.  Also eating the correct foods to give you energy, fuel you, and keep you satisfied all day long.  So I am mostly eating Grilled Chicken, veggies, lots of salads with Vinagrettes, and drinking lots of water.  Remember I am allergic to alot of things so my diet is limited not because I want it to be but because of my new found allergies.  Exercise has taken a new schedule.

Wed-3 mile run
Thursday-3 mile walk
Sat-3 mile run

You need rest.  Do not over do it.  And if you are beginning, as long as you do something, it will pay off.

I am so happy to announce that I have lost 2 lbs.  And am 1 lb away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I cannot wait to get under that pre-pregnancy number.  Even though it is just a number.

Things that have worked for me-
1)  I am walking, running and including the entire family.  We are in this together
2)  I am still going every week with my co-workers.  It is a much healthier enviroment to be in at work.  We are all trying to live healthier.
3)  We continue to challenge ourselves every month by doing 1-5K race.  I even beat my previous time.

What are you doing?  Have you started?  What is working for you?


Tracy said...

Wow, congratulations! I'm so impressed by all the people getting healthy. I am always trying but I have eating disorders to overcome so this will probably be a lifelong battle for me. Overhauling my entire life at once doesn't work.

The one change I've made and stuck to for awhile now is that first thing in the morning I have a "green smoothie" made from banana, blueberries, spinach and water.

It sounds disgusting but you don't taste the spinach at all and the drink is purple from the blueberries. I love starting the day out on the right foot - getting so many servings of fruits and veggies... It doesn't always mean I make good decisions later in the day, but poco a poco se anda lejos, right? :)

Keep it up!

Pamela P. said...

Good for you for creating a healthy plan! I keep trying to do more exercise but I get so caught up with work that exercise always gets pushed off the list. I guess I need to look to you for inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Maria Amelia said...

Wow I am super proud of you. I am struggling with my own weight and exercise program. BUt you are right about creating a schedule that includes off days, and looking for a partner. And doing things that are fun is important, like Zumba. I am in your awe. 1 more pound to a landmark. You can do it!

Unknown said...

Ugh...haven't started anything formally, but I've been playing outside a lot with the kids. So much so that I'm actually sore!

Independentmami said...

Tracy~I am going to have to try your green smoothie.
Pamela~Thanks and do not let work keep you away. Park further, take the long way to the restroom, every 15 mins get up and walk around your desk, it all counts, make it work for you, GOOD LUCK. I know how work can get in the way.
Maria~Thanks. We all struggle but together we can encourage each other.
Pattie~Good for you! Let them kiddos were you out. Are yall playing baseball with my ball and glove, wink,

The Wise Latina Club said...

This is such an inspiring post because you have set realistic, attainable fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals for yourself and are encouraging us to do the same. I also love how you are doing this with others--your family, friends, and co-workers. Keep it up!

Sujeiry said...

I am in Los Angeles and one of my goals is to walk every day. I want to walk at least 2 miles but will begin with one mile. Thanks for the motivation!