Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Am I Killing My Baby?

From the Milwaukee Department of Public Health

So I had alot of time on my hands, the 2 days I was sitting at the doctor's office getting allergy tested.  And I think I read every magazine out in their lobby.  One of the magazines, don't ask me which one, had a story about co-sleeping that caught my attention.  I know this may be old news to some of you but I did not have a baby before this so new news to me.  Milwaukee ran an ad that if your babies co-sleep with their parents, you are putting your baby in danger every night, every time.  They ran this provocative ad of a baby sleeping with a knife.  Now I understand the dangers of baby sleeping with their parents but is this really necessary?

My 13 year old slept with me.  He hated his crib.  I even crawled in there with him every night but nothing seemed to work.  Eventually I got tired, side note I was only 21, and gave up.  He slept with me and that was the end of it.

Now Lil Bit is a different story.  I am older, I say a little bit wiser.  I read and read before I had her.  I took all the advise nurses, parents, doctors, etc.. gave me.  I was not able to have a nursery with my son but with Lil Bit we do.  She has her own room with a beautiful crib.  When we came home from the hospital, we started the process of having her sleep in her own space.  Because I did not want my baby to die from me suffocation her, or her falling off the bed, etc...  She slept on her own for 6 weeks until my husband went back to work.  At 6 weeks, it was easier for me to keep her in bed with me.  I didn't have to get up to feed her since she was right next to me, that is one of the priviledges of breastfeeding, and my husband works nights.  So it is just me and Lil Bit. 

But back to main idea~am I sleeping with a knife in my bed?

She just turned 6 months and I as the good mother I think I am, am trying to teach her to sleep in her crib again.  It is a long process but I did this, so I must undo the damage.  It has been hard, some nights I just give up trying and take her to bed with me.  My child is very attached to me, and wakes up every 3 hours.  Yes, I know, that is crazy.  She should be sleeping more and I am working on that.  I hardly get enough sleep but I am up for the challenge.

Did your babies co-sleep with you?  Do you think this ad is too provocative?  It got me thinking, but I had already started trying to get my baby out of my bed.  Do you think this ad will catch others' attention?  Am I that bad of a mother for having my baby sleeping in bed with me?  What did you do or are doing? 


Maria Amelia said...

I didn't co-sleep with my girls, but I did spend more than a few nights holding one or another and rocking them to sleep. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. It is difficult to accustom them to sleeping on their own after, though, I'm sure. But you are a loving and intelligent mom. You keep doing what you are doing and take good care of your kids.

vianney said...

I didn't co sleep with both my girls, but I think it should be every mother's call if they choose to. great post!

Unknown said...

Baby never co-slept with us over night We were new parents and they made us watch so many scary videos that we seriously were too afraid w'd kill our baby. Baby did however sleep 2ft away in a little crib so it was easy to nurse. Once baby turned 3months it was a totally new reason to stress out. I say if you truly feel this is right for you then keep doing it but if you really are questioning it then maybe co=sleeping isn't for you.

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