Friday, July 20, 2012

Join the Boob-olution

Did you know August is National Breastfeeding Month?
Mark your calendar. August 15 is now officially Public Display of Breastfeeding (PDB) day! Nurse your baby out in the open. Let everyone see that you're proud to be a breastfeeding mama! Moms everywhere will be doing it!

I just took the challenge.  I breastfeed my Lil Bit.  I normally find a Nursing Room or place I can hide from the "people".  Sometimes my Lil Bit has to wait to eat because I feel weird about pulling out my booby in public.  But I just took the challenge, will you join me.

August 15, I pledge to pull out my booby and breastfeed my Lil Bit in public....erkkkk...If I can do it, so can you!!  Let's do it together.

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