Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thankful and Blessed

Have you had one of those years when you ask yourself, "Where has the time gone?"  Well yeah, I had one of those years.  After going through what I went through at the end of last year, I am especially THANKFUL to be able to celebrate my 34th birthday. 

Recap-I had a high risk pregnancy.  At 35 weeks, I had to deliver my baby by c-section.  Once there, my baby swallowed too much fluid and would not cry. They finally got her air ways cleared but was taken straight to the NICU.  They closed me up, and we thought everything was fine, until I started hemorrhaging.  The bleeding would not stop.  My room was filled with doctors and nurses.  Hours later, the bleeding had been controlled, I was getting blood tranfusions, and my baby was still having a hard time breathing.  5 days later, we were both in good condition and were released from the hospital. 
I looked on the internet just recently (by the way, I am no doctor, I am not trying to freak anyone, all information was found all over the internet) and found this information:
515,000 women die giving birth every year
540 during c-section and it is increasing due to c-sections
90 secs-every 90 secs a woman dies around the world

I suffered from PostPartum Hemorrhage which is the leading cause of Maternal Mortality. (When a woman dies within 2 hours of giving birth)

Heck what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?

Back to my THANKFULNESS! Here are 15 random things:
1)   Thankful to be alive and able to see another day!
2)   Blessed with a great family, and friends.
3)   Lucky that I have a job.
4)   Priviledged to have a car and a house.
5)   Delighted to have met you!
6)   Proud to be a mother of 2.
7)   Adapting to the changes life brings.
8)   Wishful for what's to come.
9)   Disgusted with the events happening in this world.
10) Afraid for my kid's future.
11) Joyous about the present.
12) Excited about a trip.
13) Grateful for my wonderful husband.
14) Fortunate for good in laws.

and last but not least, Happy! Just plain HAPPY!

If today happens to be your birthday too~Happy Birthday!

for everyone else, Have a Great Day!  I know you have at least one thing to be thankful for today!


Unknown said...

Those may be simple things to be thankful for but somewhere someone would do anything for a little bit of thankfulness. Amiga you are blessed! Happiness is an amazing feeling!

Carmen Ortiz said...

Que lindo tu post!!! Pasaste algo muy traumatico con tu embarazo, pero gracias al Cielo estas bien disfrutando a tu princesita. Es verdad, hay que ser agradecidos con la vida, por tener todo lo que nos brinda, sea bueno o malo igualmente hay que recibirlo y enfrentarlo. La vida es tan corta y debemos vivir cada dia de la mejor manera. Que tengas un dia maravilloso en tu cumpleanios y mucha alegria y felicidad por siempre, te lo metreces.. Happy Birthday!!!!! :)

AutismWonderland said...

Happy Birthday!

There are so many nights when I cannot sleep. I don't count sheep, I count my blessings. Such a relaxing way to end the day.

De Su Mama said...

Happy Birthday! I can't imagine the stress you were under having given birth at 35; how terrifying.

Unknown said...

It's important to just take the time to be. So happy that everything turned out okay with your baby. The delivery is always the scariest.

Presley's Pantry said...

Happy Birthday! I fully understand your hospital nightmares. I had a stillborn at 9 months and was devastated so I am so happy your baby made it and is healthy now. After I lost my baby I had to find reasons to get healthy again.... In order to get pregnant and have a baby. I am now a mother to a boy who will be 3 next month. I am thankful for everyday that I am able to hug and kiss him. Happy Birthday to you and your healthy family.

Natalia Carter said...

Happy birthday!! Y te mando muchas bendiciones!

Eva Smith said...

So thankful you are okay too! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday by counting your blessing. Counting your blessing with you.

Alba Garza (Independentmami) said...
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Independentmami said...

Thanks everyone for the bday wishes!!

The Digital Latina said...

Happy Birthday Alba! You are certainly Blessed! :-)

Bren @ Flanboyant Eats™ said...

This is just wonderful. I love when we're able to share our happy and gratitude with others! Congrats to you for embracing all the amazing things.