Friday, April 13, 2012

Who is reading my blog?

So, I wanted to see who is really reading my blog. For whatever the reason, you come here, THANK YOU for being a follower, and reader.

Just recently some information came to my attention that maybe a reader or two are the same people using different log ins or user names. I only think it is fair to tell you my followers who enter my giveaways fair and square. What do you think? Should I ban these people from entering giveaways or not? Should both of their users be allowed to be entered into 1 giveaway. Would you tell if you knew someone was cheating?

So leave a comment here answering one of my questions, your first name, and last name initial, and what city and state you are at currently. Just for leaving your honest opinion here you will get an extra entry in the upcoming Neutrogena giveaway.

I do not think it is fair for 1 person to be entering twice. I do not think it is fair to you or me. I do not like that someone would do this at my blog or any blog. I would tell because I believe in being honest. All my giveaways will from now on be claused as 1 entry per household.

Alba G, Houston, TX


Anonymous said...

Honesty is a virtue! I enjoy your blog. I follow your giveaway rules to my best. I don't think that it is fair to have two different logins for 1 person. Like they say Cheaters never Prosper and only make it unfair for others. I think you have the right to ban these type of people. Have you considered using Rafflecopter for your giveaways? That might eliminate cheating. Thanks for you hard work and dedication. I am from the state this is famous for potatoes! -Patricia

Anonymous said...

Hi...just looking under your comments on the giveaways SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT FOLLOWING YOUR RULES. I hope you do check entries it only makes it fair for the ones who are following your rules on the giveaway. If is say linkky then it should be alinky or every hour tweet then it should be an every hour tweet. PLEASE LOOK!

Independentmami said...

This calls for disqualification once a winner is picked.

My Timeless Blessings said...

I do not think it's fair. 1 entry per household. It's only fair for all other participants. I think you should disqualify the person with 2 logins.