Friday, April 20, 2012

The Lucky One ~ Cuando Te Encontre

Check out my special invitation below....
I received a special invitation to the book reading of The Lucky One in Spanish ~ Cuando Te Encontre. I have never been to a book reading and did not know what to expect. Thanks to the ladies who were able to send me the invitation and put me on this list.
The evening started with us watching the trailer and then the book reading ~ Cuando Te Encontre. JoJo read a couple of pages from the book. I have not seen the movie but this movie was on my list to watch. And now is on my def list to watch. And for those that like to read, the book is a must read to. Read the book first and then go watch the movie.
Then we went to the question and answer part of the evening. Dr. Eva who is a therapist gave us answer to some of the most asked questions. Like is there a person for everyone? She explained the difference between Destiny and Faith. It was interesting to listen. In the end she said,"Sometimes we walk a certain path, but events happen in our life that make us reevaluate our lives."
I think at that point~I have reevaluated my life. Things have changed drastically in my life twice. 5 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting my husband. 4 months ago I had my beautiful baby girl who knows completes my world.
Mananas con JoJo
Durante su tercera misión en Irak, el soldado estadounidense Logan Thibault encuentra la fotografía de una joven sonriente medio enterrada en la arena del desierto. En la base, nadie la reclama y él acaba guardándola. De repente Logan empieza a tener suerte: gana en las partidas de póker, sobrevive a un ataque que mata a dos de sus compañeros? De vuelta a EEUU, Logan buscará a la mujer retratada, solo que no se espera a la persona fuerte pero vulnerable con la que se topa en Hampton, Carolina del Norte. La atracción que siente por ella le pilla desprevenido, así que acaba manteniendo la historia de la fotografía, su amuleto, como un secreto, un secreto que puede acabar destruyendo la maravillosa historia de amor que acaba de comenzar.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received. I was invited to this special event. These are my honest opinions.

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