Friday, April 27, 2012

Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete Review

A new line of products including Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete, has a higher concentration of oxygen powered enzymes that is tough on stains, but gentle on fabrics and surfaces than any other stain remover on the market. Everyone has a Mike Rowe + kids in their life that need cleaning up from their adventures… perfect for spring cleaning!

America’s dirtiest jobs have to get clean and My Dirty Jobs, LLC has found a way to clean the messiest disasters of carpet stains, laundry stains or general messes with a brand new line of household cleaning products that gets everything squeaky clean. Inspired by his own show, Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe became involved with MyDirty Jobs, LLC because of the effectiveness of the products are and the creators were open to a new way of marketing the products that appealed to him; they didn’t demonize dirt. The real message is whether it’s as a result of work or play, it’s okay to get dirty. After all, it washes off.

My thoughts-I took on a big job.  Check out our floors.  We had not noticed how dirty our floors really were until we used the Dirty Jobs cleaner.  The floor actually was a lighter color.  Since the floor was put in we had not noticed this is what clean really looks like.  Check out the two tones in the floor and how the dirt came up.  No heavy duty scrubbing, just a plain old mop and Dirty Jobs.  It worked for us, we took on the dirty job and we succeeded!! Yeah us!

coupon available now for in retail purchases (Walmart) for $2.25 off the Dirty Jobs Complete tub and another for $.60 off any product that can be printed out.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Sample was provided for review.

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