Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spiffies Review and Giveaway***CLOSED***

So baby Gia is drooling more and more everyday. She will be turning 4 months in 22 days, and her first tooth should come in anytime soon. I remember trying to brush my son Matt's teeth and teaching him how to brush. And how hard it was. Heck it is still hard, I remind him everyday to brush. I like finding creative ways to get my kid, especially a toddler, to brush before bed. Also starting with an infant.

Here are 2 products to help:

Making things safer, healthier and easier, Spiffies and I Can Brush, both created by peditrician Ray Wagner, MD.

Spiffies Cleaning and Teething Wipes

Individually packaged towelettes containing a xylitol rich formula, Spiffies Cleaning and Teething Wipes have been shown to be therapeutic for reducing bacteria in the mouth, as lower bacteria levels means fewer or no cavities! Great for using on-the-go or when baby is asleep, and especially after night time feedings. Invented by pediatrician Ray Wagner, MD, parents have claimed that they also soothe inflamed gums when cooled in the fridge much like the cool compress and massage recommended by the AAP.

Spiffies I Can Brush Tooth-Brushing Liquid

Stop the tooth-brushing tears and unnecessary battles with Spiffies I Can Brush. The 100% natural tooth-brushing liquid is rich in the cavity fighter Xylitol. Fluoride-free and paraben-free, Spiffies I Can Brush is not gritty or pasty and has a taste kids absolutely love! Safe for babies older than 6 months of age and toddlers, this all-natural tooth-brushing liquid was created by pediatrician Ray Wagner, MD. The xylitol rich tooth-brushing solution is available in a delicious grape flavored solution that has a pleasant taste that your child will like, and little ones will actually WANT to brush their teeth once they try the "I Can Brush" solution.

Dr. Wagner recommends that you put some solution in a small cup and let your child dip their toothbrush into it and brush for a few minutes. You should be there to support, encourage and finish the brushing, but impromptu tests show that children love to brush with I Can Brush and it's important to have a positive first experience with tooth-brushing. As it is both paraben and fluoride-free, there is no harm to your child if a small amount is actually swallowed. Learn more at

My thoughts-The wipes are so easy to use. They are flavored. I tasted it and it does not taste bad at all. Gia loved sucking and biting me while I was cleaning her mouth with the wipes. She did not complain and actually seem to enjoy it. This is great for cleaning the excess milk that is left inside her mouth, so she does not get thrash. And since it is flavored and she actually enjoyed it, I do not have to fight with her.

The I Can Brush Tooth Brush Liquid will be great when she gets some teeth in and gets a little older. Wish I had this for my son 13 years ago.

Want to try this product on your baby? Win Spiffies Wipes and I Can Brush. How to enter:

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This giveaway ends 4/12/12 at 8 am. 1 winner will be selected randomly. Please leave your email in the comment. US only. Winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Good luck.

***Disclosure-Sample product was provided to review. These are my honest opinions. Spiffies has been Gia tested and Gia approved!!


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my daughter is almost 6 months and I would love this to keep her teethies clean!

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