Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is breast cancer awareness month...

A couple of years ago my friend's aunt pass away from her battle with breast cancer. Not too long after that her mother found a lump. She started going through hard chemo. Then my bestfriend's grandmother passed away from breast cancer too. I had never been so close to this cancer. Three years ago my bestfriend and I made a commitment to support the Susan G Komen breast cancer awareness foundation. Every year since then we participate in the 5K walk. It is a bonding sisterhood moment for us. A very emotional day for everyone there. Our main goal is to make everyone aware.
I was so glad to see that our football team was supporting such a great cause today.
If you watched the Houston Texans today, the game we won 29-6 (sorry I had to throw that in), you saw all the pink that the team and all of the football league was wearing. Good job guys! If you missed it, check out the story here.

If you would like more information or to make a donation, go to
Susan G Komen.


A.Marie said...

My cousin survived breast cancer, but only after doctors removed both of them plus surrounding lymph nodes, etc. I totally support the Susan G. Komen foundation! Thanks for such an awesome post! :)

Nina said...

I give my support too.