Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bella Sara trading cards review

Do your girls love to play with playing cards? Growing up I collected cards. I would ask my mom to let me buy some every time we went to the store. At school we would trade them amongst each other. I didn't get them every shopping trip but when I did I was so happy. There has not been another trading cards like the ones I collected for girls.

Bella Sara unveils limited edition trading cards with new horses and secret codes to unlock brand-new online adventures. They are available at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and online.

About Bella Sara:
Bella Sara™ is a safe, fun-filled magical world of horses and other characters for children ages 5 and up to expand their imaginations. Originally launched in Denmark by Gitte Odder Braendgaard, Bella Sara inspires pro-social dialogue and inspirational thought with positive messages. After its introduction to the U.S. in 2007, Bella Sara quickly expanded globally into an international children’s entertainment property. Since its introduction, Bella Sara has expanded its product lines from trading cards and a virtual world to miniature velvety horses, collector’s tins, books, PC and Nintendo games, puzzles, arts and crafts in the North America market. International product lines also include apparel, back-to-school items, toys and more. Bella Sara products come with positive messaging and a secret code that expands a child’s experience with a virtual online world. By entering these secret codes at, children can enhance their online and offline experiences with games, activities, and caring for their magical horses.

Be the first to discover the magic as it unfolds with secret codes that unlock Bella Sara Adventures at Then place your cards together to recreate the ballroom scenes. Story ballroom cards found randomly in select packs are your key.

Merchant SKU: HCG699 Secret code that unlocks Bella Sara Adventures at Random cards from the series inserted into each pack. The series includes: Classic & Shiny Trading cards: Bella Sara magical horse cards, new characters to collect: Emma, Sara, Colm, Deru, and Tyri, ballroom scenes and magical castle cards. New story and sticker cards. Contains 5 random cards; 1 sticker card; and 1 secret code $2.99

If your girls like horses, trading cards, playing online, unlocking secret codes, this is perfect for them. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer. A great reward for report cards, or progress reports.

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*Disclosure-I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place.

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