Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mereadesso Woman Review

When you wash your face, how many products do you use? 1)makeup remover, 2)scrub, 3)toner, 4) moisturizer, 5) serums, 6) primer 7) day cream/night cream 8) eye cream I now use 2. My ritual has been cut down to 2 products. Let me introduce you to what I am now using.

Mereadesso Woman. It is a luxury Canadian skincare company. It is coming to the US. Mereadesso is good for any skin type, age, or ethinicity.
I am now 31 years old. I am learning that everything you do to your body shows with time. If I treat my body well, it will treat me good later on in my life. I hate using gunky products. I hate using so many products. I don't have time or counter space for all of those products. But I do have time and space for 2.
Face + Neck Cleanser
It comes with a cleansing cloth. I love this cloth. It is like a shami for the face. It comes in a reusable plastic pouch, that I use to pack it all in.
Face + Neck Toning Gel
I like how my face felt after using this toner. My face smells great. My fiancee loves the smell.
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**Disclosure-I am a member of SheSpeaks and through my membership received this product to sample.

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