Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sid the Science Kid Discovers the Wonders of Weather

Sid the Science Kid Discovers the Wonders of Weather in Five New Episodes Starting Sept. 14, 2009 on PBS Kids

Sid's Rainy Play Date-After the threat of rain cancels a playdate, Sid learns all about the wet stuff, including that it comes from clouds and that it helps things grow.
Special Sunny Dad Day-Sid's excitement about playing soccer with his father is dampened by having to put on sunblock. Then he and his pals learn at school why sunblock is important and also discover how the sun helps Earth.
Sid's Holiday Adventure-Sid learns about temperatures when his family, who live where it's sunny and warm all year long, visit relatives who live where it's cold during the winter months.
The Wind Did It-Sid is miffed when he discovers leaves that he raked up in disarray. Then he learns about the wind, which can make sand dunes and waves, and can power sail boats.
Sid The Weatherman-Sid decides he'd like to be a weatherman so that he can choose the weather every day. Then he and his friends learn that weathercasters don't actually control the weather, but do know a lot about it.
My son's favorite subject is Science. So he loved watching his sneak peek DVD. These episodes have so many learning opportunities for kids. Last year a hurricane named Ike hit the Gulfcoast region. It really impacted our lives. How do you explain to your kids about what weather does? Here in Houston the weather changes depending what part of town you are in. For example last year it snowed here. Yes once in a blew moon. But it only snowed in some parts of town, some more than others. My son got to enjoy the snow flurries at school. Just yesterday cold front was coming through, as we drove home from a family night out we rolled the windows down and felt the breeze. The whole drive was warm, cool, cold, warm, hot, cool, etc... The day had been sunny in the 80's. My son said that the weather reminded him of the episodes he had seen. He said Sid would have an answer for the weather. So make sure to tune into PBS for great educational programming.
Thanks to VPE Public Relations and PBS for providing my son with a dvd sample of these episodes.

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