Sunday, September 27, 2009

The attachments are my friends...

Ok, so I have to admit that since I bought my vacuum cleaner 3 years ago I had never touched the attachments. Wait..before you judge let me tell you why. I am a real clutsy person. If something bad is going to happen, it happens to me. So I sometimes go for easy things like just vaccuming, not all the other things it can do. I, of course, clean my house. I have no cleaning service. I have been sick all week, and of course before this, been meaning to get to the chores. So I got my attachments out and my handbook. I headed upstairs to my room. And I started to read my handbook and guess what, I was so amazed at what each attachment really does. People I have been on my hands and knees cleaning the trims and corners. There is an attachment for that. The corner where the vacuum doesn't get. There is an attachment for that too. I cleaned the fan, the lamp shades, and behind the dressers. I was having fun cleaning, this has never happened. So here is my lesson learned just because something looks complicated, that doesn't mean it has to be. I have been making cleaning so much harder for me when I have had the tools to make my job easier, and cut my cleaning time. So don't be afraid to use the attachments.

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