Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kaskey Kids-Hockey Guys Review

Kaskey Kids has taken sports to another level. My son is allowed to go outside and play but most days he chooses to play indoors. It is too HOT outside. He loves playing sports. We are an all around sports family. We enjoy going to games, but enjoy taking part in the games even more. Thanks to Kaskey Kids for sending my son the Hockey Guys: Blue vs. Yellow.

Set includes:
14 2 1/2" players
1 referee
2 goals
1" puck
10 rink wall pieces that slide together to form the rink
26" x 18" shiny, slick plastic mat that resembles "ice"
10" x 6" x 5" stackable container with attached lid and handle

The Hockey Guys come in a plastic carrying case. This made it easy for my son to carry them everywhere, and when he was finished playing, gave him a place to put the Hockey Guys back. The case holds everything he needed to let his imagination go crazy. The game set is so easy to set up. My son pretend his team was the Houston Aeros. He had fun playing with his Hockey Guys, especially when his friends came over. They enjoyed role playing. The Hockey Guys were a hit with all the kids.

If Hockey is not your sport of choice there are many sports to choose from like Football Guys, College Football, Baseball Guys, and Soccer Guys & Girls. The sports action figure sets are perfect for birthdays, Father's Day, and Christmas. The sets are only $24.99.

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