Friday, September 11, 2009

Kenmore "Crazy Cleaning Confessions" contest

Where do I start? My cleaning confessions are not that crazy I don't think. You tell me.
Dishwashing....First, I must admit I have a dishwasher but I rarely use it. I only really use it on holidays when I am tired and it is so many dishes to hand wash. I have everyone put the dirty dishes on the right side of the sink. I normally wash my dishes after we have eaten but there are those days where I have been lazy and they just pile up all week until Saturday. By this time they are all crusted up and need to soak, so while I am cleaning the reast of the house i let them soak. Then I come back and hand wash them. Ok, so what do I use my dishwasher for you are asking? To dry my dishes of course. They stay in the dishwasher racks until i put them away the next time i do dishes or we just grab from there what we need.
Washing and Drying...Now let me tell you that i hate this part of chores. I have a two story house so the dirty clothes and hampers are all upstairs. The washer and dryer are downstairs. Here is what I do. I get the clothes and since I dont have a laundry chute, i drop it from the second story down to the floor. Home made chute for me, only on my lazy days. Then once all the clothes is all over my living room floor, i separate it into piles, whites, colors, etc. My son helps by separating his clothes into the piles. Now to washing, i wash and then dry, and wash and then dry. Every load that comes out I immediately fold or hang up. I have my son grab his clothes and put it away as we go along. But this gets tiring so by the time the last load is done, i am pooped. SO the last load stays in the dryer until I need something from that load, or until it is time to wash next time. I have forgotten loads in the washer and oh man they stink so they have to be rewashed. I hate when that happens. My fiancee helps out sometimes by washing his clothes but his confession is he will not fold, hang, or put up any of his clothes. He will do every load and leave it for me as a great surprise. One time we had so much clothes we put it in the guess bedroom on top of the bed, and we would just grab and iron. I never want that to happen again.
Well these were my cleaning confessions. Do you have any crazy cleaning confessions that you want to share? Leave a comment...

I told you all about the Kenmore "Crazy Cleaning Confessions" contest about a week ago.

I have checked out the videos and this is the video I picked...
Cleaning Kid 101
From: dmgorby

I love for my son to help me. He started helping out when he was a toddler with little things. He loves to help.

Again the voting begins today so go and vote. Remember, 50 cents for every video viewed (up to $25,000) is being donated by Kenmore to the Roots & Shoots program.


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