Friday, September 4, 2009

PBS Sid the Science Kid review

Do you watch PBS? Do your kids watch PBS?
I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, and other educational programs on PBS. PBS always has great educational programs that the entire family can watch. I like for my son to play with educational toys and watch educational programs. There are always learning opportunities. PBS programs are great for kids. There is always a lesson to learn.
The PBS animated Children’s Series,
Sid the Science Kid is one of the programs my son likes to watch. This program debuted on PBSKids in September of 2008. This month of September, they will be premiering five new episodes. When I told my son he would be receiving a DVD of Sid the Science Guy, he was so excited.

About the show:
"Sid the Science Kid" features a sketch-comedy format to promote science-readiness by encouraging kids' instinctive curiosity about the world around them. The show stars Sid, an inquisitive youngster who tackles the everyday ideas that preschoolers find fascinating (Why do bananas go "bad??" How does my juice box straw work?? How does a bird fly without a plane?).

I like that the show is about Science. When ever we are out and about I try to get my son to think about the world around him. He likes to ask alot of questions. He loves Science. So of course that is why he loves this show.

Here are a few episode summaries:
Home Tweet Home
Sid wonders why birds haven't taken up residence in a birdhouse he built with his father. Then he learns that many animals build their own homes.
Don't Forget the Leaves
Sid learns about leaves, including how they are food for some animals, provide shade, and help make nutrients needed by flowers and trees.
Super Science Tools
Sid and his friends review his scientific tools, which include a chart, an estimation jar, a magnifying glass and a ruler, when he tries to determine which one is his favorite.

Sid the Science Kid Discovers the Wonders of Weather in Five New Episodes Starting Sept. 14, 2009 on PBS Kids

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Thank you to VPE Public Relations and PBS for the DVD of Sid the Science Kid that we received to review.


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Mabybe something for my little girl. She is in the 'why?' phase at the moment which is great but I don't always have the answers.

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