Thursday, March 5, 2015

Once Upon A Time Themed Party Tips

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Once Upon A Time..... this is how all fairy tale stories begin.  What is a wish if you can't wish it upon a star, right?

I was picked to host a themed party.  I love themed parties.  Theme parties are like fairy tale stories you tell.  Every guest that comes plays a part in your story.  Your home can be a castle, enchanted forest, or a magical place.  Whatever story you decide to tell with your party theme.

My daughter loves to think she is a Princess.  Playtime with her is so much fun.  She loves to dress up and play her characters.  So picking a party theme was so easy...Once A Upon a Time.  Now that the theme is chosen, we need to tie the party with the theme.

Food.  Pick food that will make your theme come to life.  You can serve grape juice to represent wine.  Use cookie cutters to cut out crown shaped sandwiches, cookies, rice krispie treats, or brownies.  A table full of small appetizers can do the trick for parties.

Also serving platters, plates, silverware, and glassware can make a big difference.  My suggestions would be to pick gold and silver platters.  The fancier looking the better.  The platters don't even have to be expensive.  I have gotten some really cute ones from the dollar stores.  You can dress up items to make them look nicer.  Presentation is key also.  Party stores are now starting to carry items that are plastic but look like the real deal.  I always check the Dollar stores first.  Glass vases are also good for presentation and of course, can be used for decorations.

Decorations.  Look for any items around your house that can help you pull your theme together.  Depending on how your scene is suppose to look.  You do not have to spend money, just repurpose items in your house.  I have used curtains as table cloths to set the theme.  I have used frames to label my food.  Mirrors in your home can now become enchanted.

Do you have a Prince Charming in your life?  What is a fairy tale party without it's very own Disney's Prince?
Surprise your guest by having special appearances.  You can have someone dress up.  You can invite everyone to wear their fairytale costumes.  Have a Meet and Greet area with photo opportunities.  Make a photo booth with boa's, crowns, and wands.  A curtain, blank wall, or decorated area can be used to set the background.

So what are you waiting for, get those invitations started and host your own party with these tips.  Once A Upon A Time can be used for baby showers, and bridal showers too, not just birthdays.  Good luck and remember...your party will be happily ever after!!


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